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Peggy Myers, RN, MSN
Certified Kinesiologist

phone: 203.248.7947

For peak performance and enhanced well-being in every area of life

Peggy has had many years of experience dealing with acute and chronic problems as a nurse practitioner. More recently, in her private practice as a certified kinesiologist, she has helped facilitate remarkable changes in people's lives through this non-invasive, easy to use elegant system. Her students are continually amazed at their increased effectiveness in working with pain relief, digestive problems and psychological issues. They also report great success improving people's energy and vitality, as well as academic and athletic performance. In addition to her work with private clients and kinesiology students, Peggy also consults with businesses and schools.

Applied Kinesiology, Brain Gym®, Touch for Health®

What is Applied kinesiology?

Applied kinesiology is the practice of using muscle checking to evaluate the status of "chi" (or "life energy") in the meridians of the body, and then performing interventions to balance that "chi".

What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is a subspecialty within the kinesiology field which uses intentional movement for peak performance and learning. Simple activities help keep the brain functioning at its best improving memory, focus, organization and comprehension.

What is Touch for Health®?

Touch for Health® is a particular system of Applied kinesiology developed in the 1970's by John Thie, DC. It is one of many systems in place today.